justin mrusek


For Nashville based fine-art photographer Justin Mrusek, a picture is worth far more than a thousand words. Each frame holds a lifetime of stories – and no two are the same.

“There are rules to photography,” Mrusek says. “But they are meant to be broken.”

A native of Southern Ohio who’s career began in Ireland, Mrusek is a self-taught craftsman unencumbered by convention, but a student of greatness nonetheless. He’s been documenting the world of country superstars Florida Georgia Line since 2013, working every day to capture the duo’s onstage intensity and laid back personal lives with equal insight. But when the lights go down and the rumble of diesel engines fade, his artistic drive turns in a different direction. 

Called to reveal the extraordinary beauty which is often hidden in plain view, Mrusek travels the world with a camera and a singular vision. “A landscape doesn’t tell you what it wants to look like,” he says. “It allows me to present my truth instead.”

Losing himself behind the lens, Mrusek seeks a visceral connection with each of his subjects – whether that’s a windswept savannah or bustling city street, the tiniest link in the chain of life or the king of the jungle himself. A firm believer in letting photos breathe, his work is often raw and thought provoking, swirling with a conflicted mix of peace, movement and color which makes each shot unique.

Likewise, the large-scale prints his work inspires are also singular in nature. Selected by the artist himself, each is an exclusive, one-time only creation which will never be reproduced.

The presentation is intended to be exacting – and one-of-a-kind – just like the stories he captures. Since no two are the same, Mrusek’s passion has become a never-ending quest for rediscovery … and reinvention.

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Nashville, TN based photographer/videographer

All images ©Justin Mrusek.